The beginning of Dolci Pastries & Confections is a bittersweet unmolding. After the tragic consecutive loss of five second trimester pregnancies, and the positive diagnosis of celiac antibodies, the medical determination is what started the gluten-free journey. Tired of tasting products with no flavor, weak structure, and terrible texture, India – Owner of Dolci Pastries and Confections– set out to prove professional theories wrong making delicious products, gluten-free, that are the same if not better than that of its gluten containing counterparts. Thus 3 years later Dolci Pastries & Confections is born.​​

                                    “We like to say that our products are great products
                                  that happen to be gluten-free. We want those who
                                  need it to be able to enjoy amazing food with family
                                  and friends who even they cannot tell it’s gluten-free.                                                                                Consumers should have peace of mind that what they
                                  are eating is not only delicious to everyone, but that it
                                  will not cause consequences to their body”.
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Team is not just a word in our vocabulary. At Dolci it is our way of life. The diversity across backgrounds makes way for one powerful unit. Want to join our team? See which career path we have open for you!
  1. Managing Director
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  6. Managing Director
Owner/Pastry Chef
Logistics Manager
Market Representative
ServSafe Certified in Food Safety Management and ServSafe Allergens. Professional Fermentation Demonstrator.
Baking and Pastry graduate of the International Culinary School of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. National and local professional member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Alumni inductee of the National Technical Honor Society. ServSafe certified in Food Safety Management. Currently pursuing a liberal arts degree in American Sign Language (ASL).
​​Commercially liscensed trucking specialist. Certified Crown Reach Forklift and Power Jack driver. Certified HACCP Coordinator.